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Review: Netflix’s ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ tackles sensitive topics tastefully | The Baylor Lariat

The show “Anatomy of a Scandal” would have gone under the radar for me if it hadn’t made it to Netflix’s No. 1 spot a few weeks ago. I decided to give it a try and I’m reasonably glad I did. A limited series about how a sexually related scandal affects all involved, “Anatomy of a Scandal” truly is its namesake, burrowing into the psychological and physical effects the scandal has on those involved. As a warning, the show does tackle some heavy topics, such as sexual assault and the topic of con

Let’s be honest: School politics are about popularity above all | The Baylor Lariat

If I’m going to turn myself into an opinionated pariah, I might as well go all out. It’s election season at Baylor, and as per usual, candidates are putting up posters, creating Instagram accounts and campaigning for votes. Before going on, I have nothing personally against politics or campaigns for politics on campus. It is a necessary process to get representatives elected and to let the diverse student body be heard in campus happenings. However, with that being said, I can confidently say t

Review: ‘Severance’ season one exhibits new plot concept | The Baylor Lariat

When I decided to make the most of my free trial of Apple TV+ after reviewing “CODA” for the Oscars, I never thought I would end up liking a show as much as I did with “Severance.” The majority of the show is directed by Ben Stiller — an actor I have no strong feelings about — and led by “Parks and Recreation” acting veteran Adam Scott. It was a mixture I had no idea would work out so amazingly. First of all, it was the premise of the show that actually got me to watch it. Four workers choose t

Marriage can wait | The Baylor Lariat

For those who know me well, it might seem strange for me to be taking a stance on when someone should get married, since I’ve never been in a relationship in my entire life. But just because I don’t have experience regarding relationships doesn’t mean I am foolish or ignorant. Being a student in college, with many different factors all grabbing my focus and attention constantly, it has always seemed strange to me why so many get into relationships in college, as well as sometimes get married ev

Review: ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ prequels popular anime series | The Baylor Lariat

When I heard that one of my most recent favorite animes was getting a movie treatment I nearly screamed. When it was announced it was the official prequel to the original story, I will admit I shouted a bit. After a release in December 2021 in Japan, “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” finally hit U.S. theaters on March 18, and I was eager to see the film and talk about what I thought of it. Watching the subtitled version of the film, I first have to commend the voice acting. Seeing as I unfortunately have no k

Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ season four shocks fans with additional episode | The Baylor Lariat

Going into the final episode of the second part of “Attack on Titan’s” final season, I felt like I was witnessing a part of history through the ending of an era. Unfortunately, that turned out to be untrue, as the final episode gave way to what can only be described as an epic April Fools’ Day prank, as a recent third part of the final season of the popular anime has been announced. However, that doesn’t mean that this finale episode wasn’t any good — let me tell you why. First and foremost, I

There’s more than just one side of yourself, showcase that | The Baylor Lariat

I think the last time someone told me to “Just be yourself,” I wanted to scream. I have heard that phrase uttered toward me so many times, it has become not only a cliche to me but also a constant reminder that I am somehow “fake” or “two-faced.” I understand it was unlikely anyone’s intention to make me feel bad or insecure, but since I never told them it bothers me, they have no way of knowing how painful it is to hear those words — that’s on me. The separation between me wanting to scream in

Review: Netflix’s ‘The Adam Project’ falls into predictable plot | The Baylor Lariat

I would normally not watch a film like this: an action sci-fi adventure blockbuster put out by Netflix because — let’s be honest — those kinds of films they make are often hit and miss. However, “The Adam Project” must have done something right because it’s currently sitting on the top ten English-language films list on Netflix according to The Hollywood Reporter. First, I have to say I loved the laughs in the movie. Every piece of comedy hit home to me. From the time travel jokes to the observ

Does ‘Euphoria’ glamorize drugs? | The Baylor Lariat

The sophomore outing of “Euphoria” majorly contributed to its rising popularity among viewing audiences. According to Variety, it has become the most tweeted-about television show of the decade as of Feb. 25 — two days before its season two finale — with more than 30 million tweets. From makeup trends to parties centered on the aesthetics of the show, “Euphoria” has brought attention to the style, as well as issues facing Generation Z today. Time magazine reported on what the show gets right an

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘West Side Story’ | The Baylor Lariat

I realize the term movie remake gives the connotation of desperation for money and terrible films, but Steven Spielberg’s remake of the musical “West Side Story” does a fairly decent job of adapting from the original film, with enough small changes to help modernize the themes for today’s audience. The cinematography, lighting and set design of the film were brilliantly done, first and foremost. The color palette of the film felt both gloomy and hopeful which are hard tones to set since they ar

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘King Richard’ | The Baylor Lariat

What surprised me the most about “King Richard” was that it did not shy away from Richard Williams’ faults as some biopics may do. The controversy surrounding his depiction in the film is something I cannot speak to with much knowledge, but I did appreciate that the film didn’t shy away from his less-than-admirable qualities. It also showed how his ambition and support helped to create two of the greatest tennis players of all time: Venus and Serena Williams. The most attention in regards to ac

Review: ‘The Gilded Age’ sets itself apart from other period dramas | The Baylor Lariat

I was skeptical when I began watching HBO Max’s “The Gilded Age.” I wasn’t sure of the appeal of a period drama set in 1882 New York City, however, I was sorely mistaken. I now consider “The Gilded Age” to be one of the best shows of 2022 so far. The premise of the show is spectacularly simple yet profoundly important and relevant. Marian Brook, a young woman whose father died, travels to live with her aunts in New York City during the late 1800s when the fight between new and old money-based s

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘Don’t Look Up’ | The Baylor Lariat

I really do not understand why many movies today rely on big budgets to afford a plethora of famous actors for a film. Honestly, it feels like they do it so it can be extremely marketable and make a lot of money, not so that those good actors will actually make the film better. While “Don’t Look Up” is not the only film guilty of this — I’m looking at you, “Dune” — this film feels like it was aiming for star power over the potential of the film to be good. That does not mean it doesn’t have a fe

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘Drive My Car’ | The Baylor Lariat

“Drive My Car” is a film about a journey, not a destination. Though it is a very long journey — clocking in at around two hours and 59 minutes — it still feels like no second is wasted in the film, creating a semi-peaceful tone with subdued emotionality brimming underneath the surface. Based on a short story by famed Japanese author Haruki Murakami, “Drive My Car” is a story about a man overseeing a production of the play “Uncle Vanya” in Hiroshima while he deals with past trauma and how his in

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘Belfast’ | The Baylor Lariat

Even with barely any knowledge of the Troubles that took place in Northern Ireland in the 1960s, Kenneth Branagh’s film based on his own childhood in Belfast speaks to a wider audience on the filters of childhood, how children deal with immense trauma and the true meaning of home. I first thought the film to be a bit uneven when it began with a colorful introduction to what I can assume to be the modern version of Belfast, then a quick transition to the black-and-white filtered 1960s when the T

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘CODA’ | The Baylor Lariat

I initially expected “CODA” to be a typical or even cliched drama about a girl from a small town with talent and ambition to move to bigger and better things, but after watching the film I can safely say that it is so much more than what I was expecting. The director and writer of the film, Sian Heder, made “CODA” into a superb film by leaning into the cliche drama plot but having it revolve around a girl named Ruby, who is the only hearing member of her family. Through this unique perspective

Reviewing Oscars 2022 Best Picture Nominees: ‘Nightmare Alley’ | The Baylor Lariat

When I first watched “Nightmare Alley,” which is currently streaming on Hulu, I immediately had to watch it again to make sure I understood everything I saw. This does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that the film is bad, however I had to watch it a second time just to grasp the full meaning of it. Guillermo del Toro’s most recent film “Nightmare Alley” weaves an entertaining yet dark and disturbing story about an ambitious man who joins a carnival in the 1940s, but yearns for more i

Video Game Review: Elden Ring | The Baylor Lariat

I will be honest and admit that I preordered Elden Ring as soon as it was available. I have played every major title FromSoftware has put out since Dark Souls and I was excited to see if their newest game lived up to the quality of their previous outings. Aside from a few hiccups, it has exceeded expectations. Elden Ring is the latest title from the popular studio FromSoftware, the same studio that created the difficult series of fantasy RPG games known as Dark Souls. However, Elden Ring has on

Review: ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ unites fans through storyline | The Baylor Lariat

After watching the first season of the Amazon Prime original series “The Legend of Vox Machina,” I am still struggling to form a complete concrete opinion on it. It’s based on Critical Role, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign party, whose first streamed campaign is the basis for the first season of the show, according to CNBC. The show’s rating, despite the animation, is not for children. It contains bloody violence, language and some sexual material. Don’t let the adult themes fool you — beyond t

Review: ‘Euphoria’ season two reflects on raw human experiences | The Baylor Lariat

Having just finished the final episode of season two of “Euphoria” before writing this review, I have one word to start out with: wow. When I first started watching this show, what drew me in was the character depth, the brutal depiction of real issues young adults face in today’s society and of course the stunning cinematography. “Euphoria” season two is an excellent season overall, with even greater emotion, drama and realistic trauma, but a great second season did manage to continue with th
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